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Discover the territory of Nova Siri!


The History

Imperiale Hotel was born from the history of the great Imperial Villa of Ciglio dei Vagni.
It is the most antic monument of the territory, in fact, one Hellenistic Necropolis of Neapolis was found in this famous historic site. Not so far away, in Ciglio dei Vagni village, the remains of an Imperial Villa and also the rest of some Roman baths exist in Sant’Alessio country.
The name of the down-town was “Bollita”. It remembered the same-called tour, which constitutes the most antic center of the territory and belonged to “Siritide” Greece region.
Between the XIVth and XVIth century, Nova Siri was the fief of the Spanish family “Sandoval de Castro”. It was belonged to Don Diego, which having as mistress the poet Isabella Morra.
She was the daughter of the Count Morra, seigneur of Favale, today named “Valsinni”.
When it was named "Bollita", Nova Siri was the city of “Diego Sandoval de Castro”, which was the presumed lover of the young poet Isabella Morra. She was born in Valsinni and she was killed by their brothers.
The oldest nucleus developed on the seafront, is located in Nova Siri Marina, near the Bollita Tour.
The initial position of the city would expected to lead an initial fonction of military detachment, which probably has a Roman origin or, perhaps, Byzantine, during the advent of the Saracens.
The old name Bollita was then replaced by Nova Siri, as a testament to the historian Strabo in his book entitled "Geography", where it was located the city of Greek origin "Siris".
The strategic position of Nova Siri, located in the heart of the Magna Carta Grecia, which is an open door to the history, because from here the visitor can easily access to the nearby archaeological sites of Basilicata and Calabria.



Landscape and Nature

The naturalistic variety of this zone of the Ionian coast is really amazing: the green horizons in pristine areas of nature, from the mountains to the golden beaches rich with their natural dunes.
Along the wide sandy beaches, you are dazzled by the perfume of the Eucalyptus trees which are the characteritics of the region. While walking through the streets of the region, the dominant flora is constituted by: Rosemary, Oleander and many orchards leading on the boards of Basilicata, moreover the delicious peaches, apricots and citrus fruits and the huge olives crops.
As well as all the along Ionian coast, the predominant vegetation is Mediterranean, including low shrubs, mastics and sea lilies. Besides, the area is the ideal habitat for many rare animal species, such as: sea turtle species known as "Caretta caretta" and considered a protected species.
Nova Siri territory located on the coast of the Ionian Sea, has an undulating relief reaching Pollino National Park.



Food Heritage

Corn, peppers, potatoes, beans, tomatoes, chickpeas and various vegetables are the terroir products, which make tasty the homemade dishes in Nova Siri.
Sea fish nostrum, high quality meats, delicious cheeses and cold cuts made by excellent raw materials bovine, ovine, porcine or caprine on the the same terroir and indispensable treats for eyes and taste.
Just remember the perfumed and sweet berries: strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, also employed to make delicious jams and liquors.
Mushrooms, fresh, dried or marinated and the wild asparagus that "inhabiting" the forests of Nova Siri are other delights which contribute to enrich Nova Siri's tables.